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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, tech wizards and venture capitalists have been branded with several select words in the past: brash, arrogant, impulsive. From the outside, some of these ‘California Cowboys’ seem deserving of the titles, having built and burst the bubble. Perhaps this turn-of-the-century confidence was arrogant – stratified with over-hyped web services and premature victory celebrations.

Recently a new wave of optimism has come over the Valley though, not one built on million dollar parties or hyped up products- but on tried and true services that fill a need and provide solutions at a deserving cost. Silicon Valley has become a new shining beacon of American entrepreneurship, a symbol of the American dream: the ‘can do anything attitude” that had disintegrated sometime during the cold war era.

The internet has given the Silicon Valley entrepreneur the tools to build websites and applications that range from tiny niche services to immense ‘save the earth’ initiatives. kampanye di media sosial New cloud computing infrastructure and open source code has cut the barrier to entry – enabling fledgling business owners to set up shop without buckling under tremendous bank loans or VC investments. All in all, things are looking good, and confidence seems like something well-wielded by today’s tech maverick.

Even during this recent economic recession, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have proven resilient, continuing to produce a steady stream of innovation. In fact, the start up mentality was built for the trenches. Unlike the gluttonous tech companies at the turn of the century, today’s start up thrives on low cost innovation, minuscule resources and minimal encouragement.

This new age of technology is epitomized by the Silicon Valley hiring culture, where at times it can seem like the true Wild West.

From Wired Magazine:

Valley culture has an unwritten rule that if you don’t like a job, or if you think your company isn’t going anywhere, you leave. Instead of hanging around the office whining, you walk out the door and find something better and cooler to do. Because skilled tech workers are hard to find and interesting companies abound, employees, not employers, call the shots.

Employers need not fret though: they also can utilize new cutting edge tools and software to gain the edge on acquiring the best talent out there. New high tech online recruiting software solutions allow start ups to track, manage, and hire job applicants with pinpoint accuracy. Even if businesses are losing employees consistently to other enticing options, they can make up for their lost talent utilizing today’s best hiring software tools.

So what’s next for the valley? Hopefully the contagious atmosphere and confidence will continue to spread outward. It can already be seen that this era of the internet is finding new hubs, from Paris and Boston to Bangalore and Tokyo. The valley has also been quick to put together solutions for pressing issues, from green technology and alternative energy to social reform. Start ups like Twitter have drawn attention to happenings a world away from the Valley and companies like Facebook have brought people together within their own neighborhood.

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