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Rocksteady shows off Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for 2022

Rocksteady Studios showed the first scenes from its Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game coming in 2022.

The Warner Bros.-owned studio behind the Batman: Arkham trilogy showed the scenes at the DC FanDome event on Saturday. The game featured Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang — the zany characters who will take on DC superheroes such as Superman.

The cinematic of the scene looked pretty amazing, with the camera zooming in on Harley Quinn. The team members make wisecracks for a while and then get attacked by these purple flying enemies. They take them out within a fast and furious few seconds, and then Superman shows up and eviscerates a guy with his eyes.

Sefton Hill from Rocksteady Studios said in the announcement that the game is a continuation of the Arkham universe, and storylines from the earlier games will continue and contribute to a “totally original gameplay experience.” The team has worked on the title for more than five years. Hill said they looked at all of DC’s characters and decided “Suicide Squad really spoke to us how fascinating these flawed characters are.”

Above: Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game.

Image Credit: Rocksteady

It’s a game about a group of bad guys taking on some of the most beloved characters of DC. Hill said the question is how the Suicide Squad has even a chance at taking out the Justice League. It’s about “supervillain empowerment,” Hill said, which is kind of hilarious.

“One thing we’re really excited about is bringing Metropolis to life,” Hill said. “It’s really the fifth character in this game.”

It’s an open world and its a “love letter from us to DC fans,” Hill said. It’s a one-to-four-player co-op game. You can play it single-player, or have a full squad and play multiplayer.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. and DC announced that Gotham Knights will be its next video game in the Batman universe. It’s an open-world action role-playing game set in the Batman universe — without Batman — and it’s coming in 2021.

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