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Hitman 3’s Agatha Christie-style trailer is everything I want

Hitman 3 is coming this January, and developer IO Interactive has me more excited for it than ever. The studio dropped the latest trailer for the assassination simulator today that features a stage the designers obviously modeled after an Agatha Christie locked-door murder mystery. This is an ideal fit for Hitman, and it instantly made Hitman 3 my most anticipated game.

The level is The Thornbridge Mystery. It’s a mansion location in Dartmoor, England where someone committed suicide. Or, as these things always go, it looks like a suicide. The body was found a room that was locked from the inside, after all. But I think we all might suspect foul play. And that’s what forces the family to call in one of the world’s most renown detectives. And right on cue, the trailers reveals Agent 47 wearing tweed.

This is all an excellent setup for what looks like a perfect playground for the Hitman gameplay. The series is all about learning an environment and the clockwork movements of the characters. You then guide 47 to find clever ways to disrupt those motions for your dark purposes. And a stuffy, mysterious English manor with secret passages and suits of armor and all kinds of other goofy stuff to explore is exactly what I want from the next Hitman.

IO Interactive is at its best when it really focuses on giving you the most entertaining environment possible, and I have my hopes high for this one.

Hitman 3 launches in January for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Epic Games Store. IO also announced today that Hitman 3 is exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC, if that is something you still care about in 2020.

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