Daily Archive: January 28, 2022

The new version of GPT-3 is much better behaved (and should be less toxic)

“This work takes an important step in the right direction,” says Douwe Kiela, a researcher at Hugging Face, an AI company working on open-source language models. He suggests that the feedback-driven training process could be repeated over many rounds, improving the model even more. Leike says OpenAI could do this by building on customer feedback.

InstructGPT still makes simple errors, sometimes producing irrelevant or nonsensical responses. If given a prompt that contains a falsehood, for example, it will take that falsehood as true. And because it has been trained to do what people ask, InstructGPT will produce far more toxic

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The New Valley – Tech Solutions For All

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, tech wizards and venture capitalists have been branded with several select words in the past: brash, arrogant, impulsive. From the outside, some of these ‘California Cowboys’ seem deserving of the titles, having built and burst the bubble. Perhaps this turn-of-the-century confidence was arrogant – stratified with over-hyped web services and premature victory celebrations.

Recently a new wave of optimism has come over the Valley though, not one built on million dollar parties or hyped up products- but on tried and true services that fill a need and provide solutions at a deserving cost. Silicon Valley has become

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