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    AI Weekly: Announcing our ‘AI and the future of health care’ special issue

    Artificial intelligence and health care both deal heavily with issues of complexity, efficacy, and societal impact. All of that is multiplied when the two intersect. As health care providers and vendors work to use AI and data to improve patient care, health outcomes, medical research, and more, they face what are now standard AI challenges. Data is difficult and messy. Machine learning models struggle with bias and accuracy. And ethical challenges abound. But there’s a heightened need to solve these problems when they’re couched within the daily life-and-death context of health care. Then, in the midst of the AI’s growth … Read More

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    Robinhood raises $1B – TechCrunch

    Robinhood caps a wild week for new funding, Coinbase is going public and Johnson & Johnson reveals new vaccine trial data. This is your Daily Crunch for January 29, 2021. The big story: Robinhood raises $1B I know the newsletter has been dominated by Robinhood and stock market news for the past few days but, well, so have the headlines. The latest news is that after reportedly tapping its credit lines, Robinhood raised $1 billion in new funding from existing investors. It seems the company needed the money in order to meet regulatory minimums and other requirements tied to … Read More

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