Daily Archive: January 18, 2021

Language AI is really heating up

In just a short number of years, deep learning algorithms have evolved to be able to beat the world’s best players at board games and recognize faces with the same accuracy as a human (or perhaps even better). But mastering the unique and far-reaching complexities of human language has proven to be one of AI’s toughest challenges.

Could that be about to change?

The ability for computers to effectively understand all human language would completely transform how we engage with brands, businesses, and organizations across the world. Nowadays most companies don’t have time to answer every customer question. But imagine

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UK’s Bloom & Wild raises $102M to seed its flower delivery service across Europe – TechCrunch

Bloom & Wild, a London-based startup that takes an updated and online approach to the very traditional business of ordering and delivering flowers, has seen business blossom in the last year. And today, it is announcing a big round of funding to help it double down on the opportunity ahead.

The company has raised £75 million ($102 million), a Series D that it plans to use to continue expanding across Europe (in addition to the UK, it operates today in Ireland, France, Germany and Austria) as it also continues to build out the business through technology, hiring new talent,

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