Daily Archive: December 21, 2020

The Callisto Protocol: How Striking Distance Studios is creating survival horror of the future

If you saw The Game Awards, then you known Call of Duty and Dead Space veterans are creating The Callisto Protocol, a new survival horror game coming in 2022.

Striking Distance Studios has quickly built a team of 150 developers in San Ramon, California, to create a science fiction game in the survival horror genre. Glen Schofield, former co-head of Call of Duty studio Sledgehammer Games, started the company last year and got funding from Krafton (PUBG Corp).

Schofield brought aboard Dead Space veterans such as Steve Papoutsis, chief development officer. The game is targeted for launch on

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Entrepreneurs say regulatory constraints are hampering commercial applications of space tech – TechCrunch

When Payam Banazadeh and his team started Capella Space in 2016, they had visions of providing private industry with a wealth of new data that they could use in all sorts of ways to create business opportunities and improve efficiencies.

Four years later, Banazadeh is still waiting for that commercial opportunity.

Capella is still successful. The company has managed to raise $82 million in venture capital financing and has a robust pipeline of government contracts, but Banazadeh has not seen the kinds of uptake in private industry.

He’s not the only one.

Speaking at TC Sessions: Space 2020, Banazadeh

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