Daily Archive: December 18, 2020

40 more states have targeted Google with its third antitrust lawsuit in two months

Sally Hubbard, the director of enforcement strategy at the Open Markets Institute, explained that the “divide and conquer strategy” is due to resource constraints, “with different enforcers focusing on different aspects of Google’s monopolization.” 

What took so long? 

While the three lawsuits against Google this year—in addition to lawsuits and investigations against Facebook, Amazon, and Apple—represent a significant turning point in antitrust regulation and enforcement in the United States, this is far from the first time that these companies have come under scrutiny. 

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission decided not to act against Google, despite finding evidence that

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Twitter bots and memorialized users will become ‘new account types’ in 2021 – TechCrunch

After a period of public feedback, Twitter adjusted some its plans for a new verification process, set to roll out next year. The company suspended public verification applications in 2017 and since appears to have rethought a few aspects of what information the platform should signal to its users, blue checks and beyond.

One big verification-adjacent change around the corner: Twitter plans to add a way of distinguishing bots and other automated accounts.

“… It can be confusing to people if it’s not clear that these accounts are automated,” the company wrote in a blog post. “In 2021, we’re

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