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My impressions of the Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War beta

Activision’s Treyarch studio and Raven Software showed off the multiplayer beta gameplay for Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War this weekend on Sony’s PlayStation 4, and I played for a few hours, climbing to level 23 in the ladder. I’m still quite impressed with the multiplayer combat for this game.

I loved the addition of the new Combined Arms 12-vs.-12 map, dubbed Cartel, set in a drug lord stronghold in Nicaragua. I played multiple rounds of the Domination mode, where you have to capture a bunch of flags and hold them.

Activision will have another weekend of beta play coming up for PS4, Xbox One, and PC users on October 17-19, and those with early access can play on October 15-16. Activision will launch the game on PC and consoles November 13. Cold War is the new installment of the franchise that has sold more than 300 million copies over 17 years, and multiplayer is a big reason why players keep coming back. This year’s title is set during the Cold War, with each side staging black ops.

The game is set in 1968 and 1981, but multiplayer doesn’t always feel like you’re playing with old guns and old equipment. You can call in artillery strikes when you have a lot of kills, but those strikes are way too accurate and fast to be realistic for the era. But hey, I get it. It’s a video game. And while the Cold War theme of the single-player game emphasizes stealth operations, these multiplayer modes are all hot battles from the start. You play as Russian Spetsnaz or U.S. CIA operatives, but you pretty much go in guns-blazing on the maps that the developers have showed so far.

The Cartel map

The addition of the new multiplayer map in a