Daily Archive: October 5, 2020

How an AI tool for fighting hospital deaths actually worked in the real world

At first glance, this is an example of a major technical victory. Through careful development and testing, an AI model successfully augmented doctors’ ability to diagnose disease. But a new report from the Data & Society research institute says this is only half the story. The other half is the amount of skilled social labor that the clinicians leading the project needed to perform in order to integrate the tool into their daily workflows. This included not only designing new communication protocols and creating new training materials but also navigating workplace politics and power dynamics.

The case study is an

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Ola fails to get ride-hailing license renewed in London, says it will appeal and continues to operate – TechCrunch

Just six days after Uber won its appeal against London transportation regulators to continue operating in London for another 18 months, one of its bigger rivals has found itself in the hot seat. Ola, the India-based ride-hailing startup, is not getting its Transport for London ride-hailing license renewed, after failing to meet some of TfL’s public safety requirements specifically around licensing for drivers and vehicles.

Ola told TechCrunch it plans to appeal the decision, and as was the case with Uber, under TfL’s rules, a company is allowed to continue operating while appealing a decision.

Sky News, which had

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