Daily Archive: October 3, 2020

Trump just got a dose of Regeneron’s unapproved antibody drug for covid

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, tested positive for covid-19 and within 24 hours had received an experimental, cutting-edge antibody treatment not available to other Americans.

In a statement released Friday, the White House said Trump had received “a single 8-gram dose” of the biotech treatment, which belongs to a promising new class of antiviral drugs.

The president “remains fatigued but in good spirits” after getting the emergency infusion, according to White House doctor Sean Conley. “He’s being evaluated by a team of experts, and together we’ll be making recommendations to the president and first lady in regards

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Google research lets sign language switch ‘active speaker’ in video calls – TechCrunch

An aspect of video calls that many of us take for granted is the way they can switch between feeds to highlight whoever’s speaking. Great — if speaking is how you communicate. Silent speech like sign language doesn’t trigger those algorithms, unfortunately, but this research from Google might change that.

It’s a real-time sign language detection engine that can tell when someone is signing (as opposed to just moving around) and when they’re done. Of course it’s trivial for humans to tell this sort of thing, but it’s harder for a video call system that’s used to just pushing pixels.

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