Daily Archive: September 11, 2020

NASA will pay for moon rocks excavated by private companies

NASA announced today that it was seeking proposals from private companies interested in collecting samples from the moon and making them available for purchase by the agency. 

The news: As part of the new initiative, one or more companies will launch a mission to the moon and collect between 50 and 500 grams of lunar regolith from the surface. If they can store the sample in a proper container and send pictures and data to NASA to prove the sample has been collected and can be brought to Earth safely, NASA will pay that company between $15,000 and $25,000. 


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VC Josh Kopelman isn’t so sure about SPACs, but he thinks so-called rolling funds could prove powerful – TechCrunch

Yesterday, we had a chance to catch up with Josh Kopelman, cofounder of the now 16-year-old early-stage venture firm First Round to talk about a wide variety of issues. As part of that conversation — which we’ll run in its entirety in podcast form later this week — we naturally asked Kopelman about some of the big changes afoot in the venture industry right now, including the special purpose acquisition vehicles (SPACs) that are being raised left and right, the rolling fund concept that is gaining traction and how First Round is thinking about diversity.

We’ll be covering all of

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