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    Alfred Amuno On HubPages

    The S500i from Sony Ericsson is a gadget which has been inspired from the wonder & charm of the nature. The times when we’d get giddy over every new Android or iPhone launch are gone. And though innovation remains to be on the horizon with the rise of 5G and foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold , enthusiasm has given option to a more crucial take a look at how these tiny slabs of steel and glass have really affected our lives. Samsung this week unveiled new smartphones working on Android software program: Galaxy S II LTE, right, and Galaxy … Read More

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    Amid the covid-19 pandemic, shifting business priorities

    As efforts to contain covid-19 crippled entire economies, put millions out of work, and forced office workers to clock in and out at home, every business—and every individual—has made changes. Some adjustments are or were short-term, such as commercial airlines offering cargo flights or even staid organizations permitting staff to work remotely. But it’s evident that deeper business transformations are underway. Organizations are reshuffling existing priorities and accelerating investments in technology to remain competitive while supporting the needs of their workforces. To get insight into organizations’ plans and expectations, MIT Technology Review Insights surveyed 372 business leaders from its Global … Read More

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    Gillmor Gang: Platforming – TechCrunch

      Much was made during the Republican Convention of the lack of a party platform. The media characterized this as a capitulation to the Cult of Trump phenomenon, but the questioned begged was: so what? If you’re running as a candidate to disrupt the status quo…. But beneath the media framing, an important question emerges. What exactly is the platform we need to emerge from the toxic situation we find ourselves in? For months, if not years, the technology industry has been working on a new platform to succeed the previous one. Mobile would seem to be that fundamental shift from … Read More

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    Future Of Cellular Telephones

    Pill computer systems now have Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. A recent survey conducted by the Intelligence Group suggests that kids more and more want know-how devices, comparable to mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptop video games and so on, over the more conventional toys. E-readers may not be as advanced as a full-on pill, however that does not mean they don’t have any room to glow up — and the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is proof When lugging bodily books around is making your studying list exhausting to beat, the moveable Paperwhite retains hundreds of reads in a single place without shedding that … Read More

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