Daily Archive: August 15, 2020

GamesBeat Decides 159: Epic vs. Apple, Halo delay, and NPD

GamesBeat Decides is here once again to shout that you’ve activated Tim Sweeney’s trap card. That’s right, Epic pulled some Yu-Gi-Oh moves on Apple and Google this week, and now we all have to choose the billion- or trillion-dollar corporation we’re gonna root for. It’s appalling!

In other news, Warner Bros. Interactive reveals it’s going to talk about Suicide Squad and WB Montreal’s new game at THE FANDOME on August 22. Halo gets delayed. Ubisoft fires Assassin’s Creed creative director. And the NPD report is in with more good news for game sales.

Also, over the

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Elon Musk says ’embarrassingly late’ two-factor is coming to Tesla app – TechCrunch

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged Friday that the company was ‘embarrassingly late’ rolling out a security layer known as two-factor authentication for its mobile app.

“Sorry, this is embarrassingly late. Two factor authentication via sms or authenticator app is going through final validation right now,” Musk wrote Friday in response to a question from a Twitter follower.

Musk said in April that the additional security layer was “coming soon.” He first mentioned that the company would add two-factor authentication back in May 2019. Tesla owners have stepped up their calls for two-factor authentication as the rest of the tech community

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